Creating a Master Plan for Leadership Development

August 20, 2024
12:00 PM PDT | 03:00 PM EDT
60 Minutes
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This webinar is designed to guide organizations through the process of developing leadership development programs that align with career paths and organizational goals.

The session emphasizes the importance of integrating leadership skills and relationship-building into the professional growth of all employees, ensuring that they are prepared for both current roles and future opportunities within the company.

And, better yet, the methods outline in the webinar affect more than just leadership development; they also make an impact on recruitment and retention - it is really a holistic approach to upleveling the capabilities of your organization.

Why should you Attend: Now is a great time to re-think how leadership development is conducted in your organization.

Many companies are restructuring thanks to shifts in the economy, the retirement of Boomers, and a prevalence for work from home. All of these changes often mean new people moving into leadership roles - but are they prepared?

In this webinar we’ll look at three ways you can approach leadership development differently and more effectively than sending folks out to classes and giving them Level 1 evaluations. The object is to create well-rounded business leaders that will help your company to achieve continued success.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • When to start leadership development activities
  • The four leadership competencies that are critical to develop
  • The importance of peer learning and utilizing mixed cohorts of learners
  • Incorporating leadership learning into real world (on the job) responsibilities instead of requiring people to take what they learned in a classroom setting and transfer it back to their job
  • Using career paths to guide the learning process AND demonstrate to employees that they can have a career with your company - not just a job
  • The importance of breadth of knowledge as well as depth of skill - to create well-rounded future business leaders

Who Will Benefit:
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Senior Managers

Dr. Nanette Miner is a speaker, author, and learning strategist. She is the Founder of, and Managing Consultant for, The Training Doctor, a boutique consultancy that specializes in customized curriculum design; now celebrating its 32nd year.
As a scholar-practitioner, she has authored books on various aspects of business management, marketing, and employee development, and has been published in, or quoted by Huffington Post, Fast Company, the BBC, and numerous industry and trade journals.
Dr. Miner has a doctorate in Adult Learning Theory and a passion for workplace learning - where time is of the essence and performance is non-negotiable.

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