Dealing with Difficult People

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Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? When you do it right, Dealing With Difficult People drastically improves your life as you improve your working relationships with people who challenge you to the limits of your patience (yes, even the ones who make you tear your hair out - literally!).

What will Deal With Difficult People do for you? It will:
  • Give you back control. As you gain new strategies and techniques for maintaining composure during difficult circumstances, you'll drop the victim role and take control, which means a huge improvement in individual situations as well as your entire working environment
  • Give you the tools you need. You'll have an easy-to-follow strategy you can use in any situation - designed to be realistic solutions to real problems you face in the workplace and at home
  • Give you immediate actions to take. Alleviate the stress and tension you've been experiencing by taking concrete actions, right away, to take control
So how do you do it? I know it's not easy. If Dealing With Difficult People were easy, everyone would get along, all the time. No one would be manipulative, and no one would feel bullied or belittled. But as you know, tense situations arise constantly.

You may think you've tried before to figure out how best to Deal With Difficult People. Maybe you read some books. Maybe you tried talking to your Difficult Person under different circumstances. Maybe you even invited him to coffee to talk it out.

Maybe you have tried - but have you tried Dealing With Difficult People MY way?
There are some very specific, very crucial components to Dealing With Difficult People effectively - and you may be overlooking some of them either because you don't know about them or because you don't realize their importance.

It's not your fault you haven't had success in the past, or that the situation at work has spiraled out of control. Very few people teach what I teach, which is a proven, working strategy you can apply immediately in any relationship or situation to handle the difficult people in your work life.

That's why I'm inviting you to join me as I reveal my system for taking back control of draining relationships at work - relationships that turn your dream job into a nightmare and put a rough cog in your otherwise well-oiled machine.

"Dealing With Difficult People" You are about to discover a system it has taken me years to develop - and you're about to gain all the information you need to create the work environment you REALLY want so that you can get back to orchestrating that seamless office symphony!

Whether you've read other books and bought other materials, without success, or are trying this for the first time, you'll discover strategies and techniques you can use in any relationship, whether it's at work or at home.

Why should you Attend: Is this really how you imagined your job would be?
When you made the decision to enter into your specific field, at the level you've chosen, - you probably envisioned playing a certain role in keeping an office, a department, or even an entire company running smoothly. Whether you imagined scheduling appointments, greeting visitors, planning and executing marketing plans, or hitting the streets raising money for your company's charity, you probably envisioned an office in which everyone worked together - each person playing his or her essential part in working toward a common goal - in harmony.

But then, you realized that as a member of an office staff comprising a variety of personalities, you deal with difficult people - daily. And you realized that these interactions can turn a dream job into a nightmare. Does any of this sound familiar?
  • You feel like you're constantly falling victim to customers who shout at you for doing your job, team members who take credit for your ideas, or a boss who blames you if he misses an appointment (even though you entered it into his calendar a month ago). What if you could learn to maintain control of each confrontation so that you didn't get railroaded?
  • When confrontations or difficult situations arise, you freeze. You may think of the proper response hours later, but at the moment, you're rendered unable to think, move, or. What if you could learn real, working strategies for saying the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, every time?
  • You definitely don't want to quit your job, but that one difficult person you work with is really affecting you - and you're not sure how much longer you can take it
  • What if you could STOP feeling trapped and scared and START feeling empowered to act in precisely the right way to stand up for yourself and end the bullying
  • You know you should respond differently in difficult situations, but you are afraid of the consequences if you actually speak your mind. What if you could learn to effectively diffuse tense situations, without losing your cool?
I have some good news: you are in the right place.
I'm Rhonda Scharf, your Workplace Efficiency Expert. I'm a highly experienced professional speaker with the Certified Speaking Professional designation.

As a member of the speaking Hall of Fame, I've spoken in dozens of countries to tens of thousands of people. I've consulted with some of the world's most recognized companies including Sony, Mercedes-Benz, the US Coast Guard, Exxon Mobil, Bank of Canada, all levels of government in Canada and the US, and hundreds more companies.

I'm not telling you all this to make myself sound good; rather, I want you to know that I've been there and done that. I am a real person, with real problems, who have generally figured life out - I'm like a friend who wants you to succeed - to create a working environment that nurtures effective communication, so everyone is on the same page - a page that leads to an efficient workplace. So what's my secret? Dealing With Difficult People.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • 5 strategies for improving communication with difficult people - so you can end your frustration!
  • How to diffuse people who are angry, upset, or just plain rude, and how to calm tense situations
  • How these strategies will improve your reputation as a professional and reduce your stress
  • What motivates the attitudes and behaviors of difficult people (knowledge is power for future interactions!)
  • Techniques for giving feedback to difficult people to help correct or even improve their behavior (make it easy for you)
  • How to face life confidently, knowing you're up to any challenge (stop getting kicked around and increase your self-esteem)

Who Will Benefit:
  • All Employees
  • Managers
  • HR

Rhonda Scharf CSP, HoF Insightful humorous entertaining even contagious words that are often used to describe Rhonda Scharf. A speaker with the uncanny ability to look at the normal and see something quite different.

Rhonda is a Professional Speaker and member of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, Trainer and Author, based in Ottawa. She has spoken to tens of thousands of people in dozens of different countries.

Rhonda will share some things she has learned to help you excel in your work environment, emerging at the end of the day with a smile and a sense of accomplishment. Audiences far and wide sing her praises for her relevant and useful tips on administration, communication and workplace effectiveness! From efficiency to the future of work; Rhonda has the info to help you thrive!

She knows how to make you laugh and she knows how to get you to question why you do what you do. Her natural warmth and sincerity are balanced by a healthy sense of the absurd, a combination that is useful in any situation.

Rhonda has written eight books, with her latest “Alexa is Stealing her Job” and her best-seller “Common Sense is NOT Common Practice” still available.

Rhonda’s professional speaking career began at age two… when her mother would offer her 25 cents to be quiet for five minutes!

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