Global Talent Attraction Strategies that Drive The Best ROI

March 5, 2024
10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
60 Minutes
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It is the best way to reach a global audience. In fact, recent statistics tell us that 3.1 billion people watch online videos daily! Statistics also tell us that 69% of consumers prefer watching a video versus reading about a product or service with text.

It is no different for an employer "selling" their job openings to top talent. The best talent is naturally attracted to the best employers, and this is the secret to getting passive job seekers to want to learn more your opportunities.

Learn more in this presentation, with real-life case studies, about how you can attract the best talent globally, particularly the ones who weren't looking for you in the first place!

Why you should Attend: Apollo Technical cited LinkedIn statistics revealing 30% of the global workforce is actively seeking jobs. Meanwhile, the other 70% are considered "passive talent." This begs an important question when recruiting global talent: does your current recruitment strategy work for passive job seekers or active ones?

A passive job seeker is one that is generally satisfied with their current employer, enough not to be actively searching for a new role. However, they could be swayed if something better came along. How you differentiate your employer brand and position your EVP plays a critical in if you can achieve getting the attention of passive talent.

You can pique their interest if you show and tell them your organization offers employees better opportunities then your competitor does. Text descriptions of this is one-dimensional and doesn't grab enough attention. Video does a much better job of illustrating your point.

Learn more in this presentation, with real-life case studies, about how you can attract the best talent globally, particularly the ones who weren't looking for you in the first place!

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Attracting global talent
  • The difference between reaching active and passive job seekers
  • Establishing the right employer brand
  • How to create your EVP
  • How video can help you every step of the way

Who Will Benefit:
  • VP of Talent Acquisition
  • Chief Human Resources Officers
  • Recruiters
  • HR Managers

Lindsay Stanton is President and Board Member for Digi-Me, a Video Technology Company for talent acquisition that helps organizations add new dimension to their job and employment brand messaging. In her time with the company, Lindsay has facilitated relationships with many partners, including the largest recruitment advertising agencies, global recruitment process outsourcers, and staffing firms. These partnerships magnify the organization’s reach into the Global Fortune 1000, providing an effective and innovative solution to the largest global employers, including FedEx, Enovis, and Mars.

A subject matter expert on the use of video technology as a recruitment tool, Lindsay works closely with industry leaders, creating new and better ways to connect jobs and jobseekers. She has been a featured speaker at SHRM on the topic of “The Convergence of Video, Mobile, and Social for Talent Acquisition and Branding,” as well as a featured leader in the recruitment space through ERE, HRO Today, and major media outlets, including,, and CCTV.

Lindsay possesses a master’s degree in Public Administration. Her past experience includes Economic Development for a large Chicago municipality, wherein she facilitated retail and commercial growth by working with the nation’s largest developers. She also has extensive sales and marketing experience working with Fortune 500 accounts on product launches and developing and executing large-scale national retail programs.

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