Making the Most of Every Minute: Time Management Mastery

July 30, 2024
11:00 AM PDT | 02:00 PM EDT
60 Minutes
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Feeling perpetually short on time, constantly chasing deadlines, and frustrated by the inefficiency of your routines? This workshop aims to address these common grievances by providing practical solutions for better time and workload management.

Many of us operate on autopilot, sticking to habits and routines that seem effective until we pause to question their efficacy. Effectiveness isn't just about what we do but also about asking the right questions, prioritizing tasks efficiently, and managing interruptions effectively.

Rather than simply working harder, the focus should be on working smarter. This workshop emphasizes practical techniques to achieve better results by optimizing time and workload management. It acknowledges the challenges of a busy workspace, shifting priorities, and multiple deadlines, offering tangible strategies rather than relying solely on theoretical concepts.

Why should you Attend: Do you complain that you don't have enough time? Do you ever feel that you will never catch up and it frustrates you? You are efficient, you are more than competent, but when it comes to getting everything done, it just never happens.

We all fall into habits and routines that we are convinced work; until we start looking them and question exactly why we are doing something that way when it doesn’t always make sense.

Your effectiveness isn’t just about you do during the day. It is about asking the right question, prioritizing the right activity in that time, and managing the interruptions placed us by others. We need to work smarter, not harder!

This workshop will introduce you to practical techniques in helping you achieve better results through better time and workload management. You will learn how to organize your time more effectively and be introduced to tools and perspectives to better manage your workload. We deal with the reality of a busy workspace, changing priorities and multiple deadlines, and don’t rely on the theory of time management!

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Asking the Right Questions: Learn to ask yourself the most crucial question to ensure you're working smarter, not harder
  • Mastering Time Management: Explore five essential areas of time management and discover effective solutions for each
  • Optimizing List Systems: Evaluate whether your current list system is truly effective and explore alternative options
  • Prioritization Strategies: Break free from prioritizing tasks based solely on others' demands and discover alternative methods to ensure tasks are completed efficiently
  • Understanding Scheduling: Gain insight into three types of scheduling methods and learn how to utilize them effectively
  • Smarter Tips and Techniques: Discover lesser-known tips and techniques to enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Tips for Enhanced Focus: Learn five impactful tips to sharpen your focus and minimize distractions

Who Will Benefit:
  • Senior Leadership
  • Managers/ Supervisors / Team Leads
  • Sales Representatives
  • HR Professionals
  • Support Staff
  • Any Professional who need Time Management Techniques

Rhonda Scharf CSP, HoF Insightful humorous entertaining even contagious words that are often used to describe Rhonda Scharf. A speaker with the uncanny ability to look at the normal and see something quite different.

Rhonda is a Professional Speaker and member of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, Trainer and Author, based in Ottawa. She has spoken to tens of thousands of people in dozens of different countries.

Rhonda will share some things she has learned to help you excel in your work environment, emerging at the end of the day with a smile and a sense of accomplishment. Audiences far and wide sing her praises for her relevant and useful tips on administration, communication and workplace effectiveness! From efficiency to the future of work; Rhonda has the info to help you thrive!

She knows how to make you laugh and she knows how to get you to question why you do what you do. Her natural warmth and sincerity are balanced by a healthy sense of the absurd, a combination that is useful in any situation.

Rhonda has written eight books, with her latest “Alexa is Stealing her Job” and her best-seller “Common Sense is NOT Common Practice” still available.

Rhonda’s professional speaking career began at age two… when her mother would offer her 25 cents to be quiet for five minutes!

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