Negotiate Your Way To Success

March 11, 2024
10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
60 Minutes
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If you were to stop and analyze the conversations you have every day, you would be shocked at how many times you negotiate your needs and desires.

Negotiation conversations at home include who will take out the garbage and who gets the remote. At work, negotiation conversations include how many days will I be needed at the convention booth? May we move the project deadline one week? I need the conference room when you have it booked - may we negotiate times?

Your success in these negotiations depends on your people skills and your verbal skills. People skills and verbal skills are closely tied together. In this program, we help you refine your people skills and enhance your verbal skills.

With these negotiation skills you will reduce workplace conflicts and stop people from taking advantage of you.

Why you should Attend: This program is for you if you are constantly wondering, "What went wrong in that conversation?" "Why didn't I get the vacation days I wanted?" "She took advantage of me," or "I gave in and gave them everything they asked for, and I got very little of what I wanted."

If you have had any of these thoughts after a conversation that you did not realize was a negotiation, then you need to sign up for this program immediately.

This program will empower you to get more of what you need and want on a daily basis while extending human dignity to the people you are negotiating with.

Areas Covered in the Session: Once you learn these negotiating skills, they will take you to new heights in your career and your life. You will use them at home, in the neighborhood, at association meetings and at work.

In the time we spend together, you will learn how to:
  • Start every conversation with confidence
  • Distinguish between assertiveness and aggressiveness
  • Build rapport
  • Use the 5 styles of responding to conflict at the appropriate time
  • Ask open-ended questions to determine interests, not just positions
  • Follow the 4 stages of negotiation, enabling you to reach success
  • Analyze what you want from the negotiation
  • Assess what you might leave on the table
  • Get tips for what to do in an impasse
  • Negotiate from a position of strength
  • Contemplate how you can negotiate for the communal good
  • Evaluate how you can negotiate using the concept of a "package"

After this webinar, your conversations will never be the same.

Who Will Benefit:
  • Any person who is distressed by their lack of communication skills and wants to get more out of their conversations to fulfill their personal needs.

Karla Brandau is a thought leader in management and team building techniques. She trains managers to improve their relationship with the employees to earn their gift of discretionary effort. She specializes in personalities, communication skills, leadership principles. She is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute and has educated mangers with her proven leadership principles in companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic, and BYD America.

She has a degree in education and is a Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation given by National Speakers Association. Karla’s book, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, teaches managers how to be the leader people CHOOSE to follow, not have to follow because of their position on the organizational chart.

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