Stress Less Achieve MORE: Mindfulness -in- Action

July 24, 2024
10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
90 Minutes
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There is a stigma of stress within most work environments. Often people, particularly leaders, fear that if they are honest about feeling stressed and burned out, they will be judged as not tough enough or promotable. Thus, many people are afraid to discuss the issue, set boundaries, and commit to Self-care programs for themselves.

The first step in breaking this stigma is to experientially learn ways to stop fighting pressure and learn to use it. This commitment to Self-care is an act of Self- love. Once leaders experience a higher level of wellbeing, they can begin to share what they know with their associates. In that way, inch by inch we reduce or even eliminate the stigma of stress in our unit and/ or company.

Why should you Attend: The usual recommendation for stress reduction is to exercise, meditate, get enough sleep, and eat better. If you are doing these things, great--keep doing them. Yet, most people don’t have the time for yoga poses amidst nonstop meetings and pressing deadlines. And how many of us meditate or go to the gym every day? Stress reduction becomes one more thing to do in a busy schedule!

Executive coach and psychotherapist Aimee Bernstein offers a more effective and realistic approach: open and align to the pressure. See it as an energy source. Tap into its flow to accomplish more while feeling calm and centered. It's a counterintuitive approach that frenzied professionals can actually use.

The Stress Less Achieve MORE training will guide you in unleashing your potential by using pressure- the energy of change to enhance creativity, performance, relationships, and well-being. The approach goes beyond information by providing an experiential mind/body context that enhances emotional intelligence and develops intuition. By learning how to transform pressure into power, you’ll skillfully ride the waves of change without giving away your happiness, your confidence, your energy, and your integrity.

Participants will learn to:
  • Use pressure to improve the quality of life rather than allowing it to deplete them
  • Re-center when reacting to difficult people or situations
  • Expand their sense of well-being, confidence, and presence
  • Quickly shift their mood
  • Enhance their resilience

The Stress Less Achieve More Training Program is based on the principles of aikido a martial art that teaches the harmonious resolution of conflict, psychology, somatics, meditative arts and best organizational development practices.

This approach can be used at any time and in any activity. It has been taught to leaders in numerous organizations including Chanel, Colgate Palmolive Company, EA Sports, MasterCard, and Novartis Latin America.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • The effects of stress on the body, brain, and mental heath The symptoms of burn-out. When you need to seek help
  • The difference between pressure and stress Universal law governing pressure and stress. Typical reactive patterns when under pressure and stress. What's yours? Are you centered? Noticing your energetic habits- awareness practice
  • Introduction to the inner map and simple embodied practices
  • What is resilience? Characteristics of resilient people How difficult situations can make us stronger An AMAZING story of resilience
  • Practical tips for building resilience

Who Will Benefit:
  • Anyone who is Feeling Stressed and/or who wants to Learn how to use Pressure as a Positive force in their Lives
  • Senior and Mid-Level Leaders who want to Model a Higher Level of Wellbeing

Aimee Bernstein's passion and purpose is to help individuals, teams and organizations manifest more of their potential. She is an executive coach, psychotherapist, consultant, trainer and keynote speaker with forty years experience in leadership mastery, collaborative teams, wellness cultures, and mindfulness-in-action/stress reduction. Her methodology liberates people from limited mindsets, behaviors and energy habits, enabling them to take exponential leaps in their professional and personal development and generate successful, innovative organizations and communities.

Her corporate clients have included Chanel, the Ritz Carlton, Microsoft, Port of Singapore Authority, Colgate Palmolive, and MasterCard. She has also worked with municipalities, universities and nonprofit organizations.

Aimee is the creator of The Roar of the MORE, an interactive Evolving Leader mind/body/energy mastery training and coaching series which guides individuals in evolving their consciousness so they may function from an upgraded version of who they are. Her approach is a blend of the energy principles and practices of aikido, which she has trained in for forty years, psychology and meditation. The series enables them to skillfully navigate rapid change and effectively transform their lives, teams and organizations.

Aimee received her master's degree in counseling psychology from Boston University and interned at Massachusetts General Hospital under the auspices of Harvard Medical School. She is a the author of Stress Less Achieve More: Simple Ways to Turn Pressure into a Positive Force in Your Life.(AMACOM) Her book is available in English, Arabic and Mandarin. It was voted one of seventeen inspiring books to read by Thrive Global. Aimee has been listed in Who's Who in American Women.

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